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Calvary Camp @ eRBC

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Please list any extreme food allergies (not preferences).

Include how many people in the family are affected by the allergy. ERBC will try to accommodate these needs. If you specify allergies, please be sure to eat from the allergy friendly options.


We are attending the full retreat with meals:
Adults (16+)$130
Older Kids (8-15)$100
Younger Kids(3-7)$60

There is a cap of $420 for families.

This is for single household members, not friends or extended family.


Please indicate how many individuals will utilize each option. i.e. two people eating breakfast two days would equal 4 breakfasts.
Overnight Fee$25
Breakfast fee$10
Lunch Fee$15
Dinner Fee$20
Payment Type:
Credit Card (via website)

Make checks Payable to "Calvary Fellowship" and note "Calvary Camp" on the Memo line. Mail checks to Calvary Fellowship PO Box 210507, Auke Bay, AK 99821

I would like to request a partial scholarship
I would like to request a full scholarship

Donations for scholarships can be made under the "Calvary Camp Scholarships" fund on the giving page or directed as such on the memo line of your check.

Upon hitting submit, you will be redirected to a payment page. Your registration will be complete, and your place will be held upon receipt of payment. Disregard if you plan on submitting a cash or check payment.

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